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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beko and Fela

Beko and Fela: "A statue to Beko Ransome-Kuti has been erected, four years after his death. Of course, he was a public intellectual and a hero for human rights. Its wonderful and important that the man is remembered and celebrated in this way. Future generations will be spurred to find out more about his life and achievements.

However, I can't help feeling that if there's a statue, why on earth is there not a statue for his brother Fela? Beyond Nigeria, Fela is an icon for struggle against despotic power alongside figures such as Che and Malcolm X. While Beko played a solid role in keep the candle flame against injustic alight, Fela will surely be remembered for centuries to come for creating the conflagration. This is not to pitch the two dead brothers against themselves; its simply to wonder why Fela has yet to be commemorated in official public consciousness like his brother has just been. I suppose its only a matter of time. If Governor Fashola did it before the elections, I think he'd win Lagos again, whichever party he came under.

***I kinda find this blogger's article interesting***

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Is Google Buzz? [Google]

**Reason Why I love Google**

What Is Google Buzz? [Google]: "

So what exactly is Google Buzz? Used on a PC or mobile, Buzz reminds us of an RSS combined with all of your social networking—all within the existing Gmail and Google.com infrastructure.

Buzz's five key features include:

• Automatic friends lists (friends are added automatically who you have emailed on Gmail)

• "Rich fast sharing" combines sources like Picasa and Twitter into a single feed, and it includes full-sized photo browsing

• Public and private sharing (swap between family and friends)

• Inbox integration (instead of emailing you with updates, like Facebook might, Buzz features emails that update dynamically with all Buzz thread content, like the photo viewer we mentioned above)

• "Recommended Buzz" puts friend-of-friend content into your stream, even if you're not acquainted. Recommendations learn over time with your feedback.

Google Buzz is available today, and it should creep up as a new tab in Gmail any minute.

But What About My Cellphone?

Of course, Buzz also works on mobiles right from Google.com on Android and iPhone browsers, and it locates your position from a one button press. From here, Buzz can tailor your feed to their information on things like businesses and restaurants. More on mobile Buzz here. [Google Buzz]